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Good Morning  Omni, Today is Wednesday, January 29th, Twenty-twenty. 

My name is ______

And my name is ______


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This is a reminder for the students going on the 8th Grade History Trip to Boston. The deadline for the third online payment is Friday, February 7th.

Thank you,

Mr. Eliason



The Recycling Club meets tomorrow morning, Thursday at 8:30 in Mr. Brooks' class 6-108.  Everyone is invited to join! Remember, if you need community service hours please join us!


Drama club meets tomorrow  morning, Thursday at 8:15 am in the drama room . .



Announcement from STudent council:.

This is a friendly reminder to all teachers with a first period class to distribute the  Pennies for Patients donation box to at least ten of your students. If you need more boxes, please send your student council representative to the main office to pick up more boxes


This campaign will run through February 14 (3 weeks) and students may take the boxes home and ask their family, friends, neighbors, and people in their community to help raise money to fight cancer. Please remind your students to drop off their donations at room 2-109 or the main office if possible, during first period and any day until this campaign is over.


Speech and debate meets Wednesday morning at 8am and Fridays at 8am



Dance team tryouts start yesterday  with Coach Nemetz and Coach Andres and continues, tomorrow Thursday January  29 and 30th from 4:15-5:30 PM. Wednesday and Thursday will be in the cafeteria.

An athletic packet is required by the time of try \outs. You can get an athletic package from the following locations: front office, Coach Nemetz’s room (4-102) or Coach Andres’s room (6-109). 

Any questions?  Please see Coach Nemetz (Room 4-102)  or Coach Andres (Room 6-109)



Have a great day, see you tomorrow on WOTV News.-!


(BOTH READ)  Have a great day and Remember, see you tomorrow on WOTV news and remem      ber kindness matters